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Monarch MAGNESIO MG-2 Water Conditioning Unit 2,508 (at 300ppm) Suitable up to 49°c



PRODUCT TYPE: Water Softeners

Monarch MAGNESIO MG-2 Water Conditioning Unit 2,508 (at 300ppm) Suitable up to 49°c
£499.00(Ex Vat 20%)

The evolutionary Monarch MAGNEISO MG-2 Water Softener converts scale-causing calcium ions into non-scale forming magnesium, enriching taste and preventing and removing limescale. Magnesium is an essential mineral for wellbeing and is a proven flavour carrier for the ultimate hot or cold beverage. The Magnesio is a fully automatic unit that can be used for either point of entry or point of use. The water hardness levels do not change so essential minerals are retained and enhanced.

  • Converts scale causing calcium into non-scale forming magnesium.
  • Meter control for optimum performance.
  • Produces magnesium-enriched drinking water, perfect as a flavour carrier for all drinks-related applications.
  • One-size footprint – CAD, specifier, and space friendly design – all models with the same footprint.
  • Comprehensive 12-month parts & labour warranty – for complete peace of mind.
  • Easy programming and set up.
  • Low price per litre running costs.


  • POE or POU applications namely, Dishwashers; Undercounter, Hood, Rack-Conveyor, Flight, Glasswashers, Coffee machines, Tea urns, Combi-Ovens, Hot Water Boilers, Laundry Washing Machines.

Electrical Supply:

  • 220v 3 pin plug via inline transformer, or suitable for fused spur outlet.

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